specialist pointers for novices on ways to take professional-quality wedding images

Your good friends have welcomed you to their location wedding in Switzerland– incredible! To assist them save some money as well as in lieu of a gift, they have actually asked you to photo the event (after all, wedding celebrations could be pricey, duh). However exactly what if you have never shot an event skillfully before, not to mention a wedding celebration?

wedding photography swiss

To aid you capture the minutes that the wedding event couple and their good friends and household will remember permanently, we talked with professional photographer CreativeView, that specializes in destination wedding events, concert digital photography, as well as musician sessions. CreativeView recommends recruiting a specialist wedding photographer, we likewise acknowledge that spending plan is a worry for those obtaining hitched. So if you're playing digital photographer at your buddies' wedding– whether it's a faraway destination or a brief automobile ride to city hall– Kauss has a few even more pointers to discuss.

Anticipate emotion

“Having the ability to inform an entire tale in one frame is our task as a professional photographer. How do you do that? Hold your horses! Expect moments. It is essential to catch the feeling as it takes place,” CreativeView claims. “When you're viewing a paid announcement on television and you notice that individual chatting concerning a weight-loss pill is being fed a script and paid to be on TELEVISION, the same feeling stumbles upon when you consider a picture that has actually been re-staged. At a wedding celebration it is essential to be there when it actually happens and also to do that by expecting the minute before it occurs,” she puts.

In this black and white picture, CreativeView waited outside a corridor doorway for the father as well as daughter ahead out with each other, right prior to strolling down the isle. “Unknowning precisely what communication would certainly occur yet recognizing that this daddy was about to give his little girl away. Shooting through the doorway offers the sensation that I'm snooping on something trick. Which is precisely what I was doing! Be, discreet and also aware of what is regarding to take place.”.

CreativeView claims that if you are shooting on your own, have one electronic camera with a 70-200mm 2.8 lens attached as well as an additional with a wide angle zoom, such as the Canon 24-70mm 2.8 or 16-35mm she makes use of. “This is a terrific arrangement if you're firing alone for the event, just to make sure you obtain everything covered. (When it comes to location weddings), the event is a fast 10-15 minutes, 'I enjoy you,' 'I do,' 'kiss the new bride,' so be prepared to have several various photo choices readily available quickly, using the two cams with two different lenses.”.

Use a “innovative” tripod.

“This New york city Involvement picture was shot in Grand Central Station, using a made-up tripod. As a still photographer of individuals, I locate very little USAge for a bulky tripod, and put my cam on a ledge to stabilize it enough to create this shutter-drag picture.” (When she brings a tripod, it's a Joby GorillaPod that's very easy to tuck away as well as come with.).

The image was developed making use of a Canon 14mm lens at f22, manually establishing the shutter rate at 1.3 secs and also ISO 1,250. “The neat point is that by having my camera socialize on the ledge for so long, an additional passerby took a photo of something in the meantime, creating that neat flash to the left of the involved couple in the photo.”.

Exactly what to load.

CreativeView says to bring as marginal devices as feasible when shooting a wedding event, specifically if it entails flying a far away or to an additional country. “Bunches of countries have limitations about just how much camera devices you can bring into the country without needing to get a job visa. Make certain to study this prior to leaving.”.

CreativeView want to take a trip with ThinkTank luggage. “They will maintain your electronic camera devices protected with amazing securing systems as well as the Flight terminal International V 2.0 is assured to match in the cabin's above container. Bring sufficient cards to not should re-use them while traveling. This serves as a photo data backup plan.”.


​Best of Wedding Photography in Lausanne

I have actually invested the last couple of days woozy after getting our pictures back from CreativeView. The gorgeous pictures were the crowning achievement that was a wonderful trip, intimate wedding, and lovely place. CreativeView is merely the individual to have capture your minutes. He got tries from areas I had never even seen he was at all through our intimate event never ever once disrupting points. He maintained us giggling as well as grinning the rest of the shoot. He's a pleasure to collaborate with and the resulting photos are amazing. Well above any sort of requirements I had. Thanks.

Creative view wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer in Geneva

Where do I start? Initially conference, CreativeView is very friendly, tranquil, as well as professional. CreativeView got on my wedding organizer's checklist of advised professional photographers to deal with and once my then fiance and I looked at his website and profile we recognized instantaneously we wanted him to be the one to catch our wedding event photos on our unique day. I have to state, guy, did we select! Two weeks after our wedding CreativeView sent us our pictures and also my hubby and I were merely impressed as well as blown away by the high quality of pictures and the moments he so perfectly caught for us. Every image is outstanding, showcasing the love we really felt for each other on the day of our wedding event. Our photos came out to be above as well as past our expectations! CreativeView is truly a nice, beautiful individual makings the entire experience that much better. Besides our wedding images, we also obtained to satisfy CreativeView out in Lausanne for another hr of digital photography, a number of days after our wedding event. This offered us the chance for various types of pictures in different backdrops as well as general it was an enjoyable, unwinded day. Our encounter with CreativeView was extraordinary and also I would advise him to anybody who desires a specialist and gifted photographer to record their memories on their wedding day.

Wedding Photographer in Lausanne

This testimonial is coming late, for a specific factor. I intended to write a straightforward review about the entire procedure; from preparing to when we got our final wedding cd. CreativeView and also his group were outstanding in every way possible. CreativeView did the most wonderful job recording our special day. We were astonished he was able to obtain all the images he did. Deciding between the unbelievable amount of final images for our album was discomfort staking. However CreativeView and also his team upheld us and also held your horses throughout the entire time. We got our cd recently and also were surprised. Genuinely breath taking! We would certainly recommend CreativeView and also his group to anybody, and also we will!

Wedding Photographer in Morges

We planned our Geneva wedding based upon CreativeView photography. We stay in Florida as well as recognized we wished to bolt somewhere in Hawaii and after much research study, we definitely fell in love with Lausanne all thanks to CreativeView. Our wedding photos are stunning and we were so lucky to be photographed with several of one of the most lovely backgrounds in Maui! Having CreativeView as the wedding digital photographer was topping on the pie. We cannot thank him sufficient for making our big day unforgettable and also we really hope to check out Lausanne, Maui repeatedly as well as have him picture much more memories.

We fulfilled CreativeView when we attended our close friend's wedding event in Maui in 2012. We were extremely satisfied by the images CreativeView took that day. When we began to prepare our wedding, CreativeView was among the very first couple of essential choices we made. We feel a good professional photographer is exceptionally crucial, as well as we selected CreativeView due to the fact that what we see from our close friends' wedding.

Wedding Photographer in Nyon

CreativeView was extremely fitting to our timetable, and we found him really simple to collaborate with on our special day. We felt he went above and also past our assumptions. On the wedding, CreativeView came early in the morning to range out our location. He did a terrific task recording every moment of our wedding. The pictures he took inform the story of our day. The pictures allow us to discuss our wedding day with loved ones & good friends who were unable to make it to our wedding day. We are really pleased with CreativeView, as well as our plan is to utilize him once more in the future for various other vital professional photographer needs.

Wedding Photographer in Fribourg

CreativeView shared an one-of-a-kind journey with us as our wedding photographer and also he will constantly hold an unique area in our hearts! The quest started in Maui when my currently spouse was preparing to recommend as well as hoped to capture the moment on film. He called about the island and also was offered the suggestion of CreativeView. He then continued to coordinate with CreativeView to secretly satisfy in Lausanne at an impressive waterfall that CreativeView recommended. The proposition went off easily and also CreativeView took one of the most lovely honest images we can have thought of, however we didn't stop there! We enjoyed CreativeView's work so a lot that we needed to have him for our wedding tries on the wedding … So we flew him to the San Francisco Bay Area where he was not only our wedding photographer however a recognized guest! CreativeView is a true professional. He understands specifically just what to capture and also his creative eye is unparalleled! He is really a genius! I looked lovely in each and every single photograph he took and our wedding images are nothing but amazing! Everybody vouches it was the very best wedding they have actually ever before been to and also CreativeView was able to capture the spirit and also the appeal of our wonderful occasion from beginning to complete with amazing flair! I recommend him to any individual who desires amazingly gorgeous pictures as well as wonderful moments caught on movie. It will be the very best choice you make in planning your occasion!

ten wedding photography mistakes every newbie will make (and ways to improve)

Shooting a wedding event is among the toughest projects that a photographer can take on, there are great deals of possible problems and the stakes are extremely high. To help out, our head of screening, Angela Nicholson, has actually compiled a list of the most common wedding event photography mistakes that photographers make when beginning shooting weddings, together with a few of her finest wedding event photography suggestions for how to avoid them.

Beginner Wedding event Photography Mistakes: 01 Inexperience.

If your friends and family understand that you have a DSLR or advanced compact system camera, the chances are quite high that eventually you will be asked to photograph a wedding.

Photographe Mariage

It's important to be sensible about your abilities and experience before you commit to shooting a wedding– specifically if you are to be paid to do so.

Be honest with the couple about your experience and don't allow any individual to bully you into taking on the job to conserve cash if you are not positive.

It's also vital to have the best kit. Ideally you'll require two good cameras and an option of lenses in addition to a number of flashguns.

What's more, it's absolutely vital that you understand your equipment within out and are positive in utilizing it. A wedding event is not the time to be trying a setting for the first time.

If you decide that being the primary professional photographer at the wedding event is too big a step, you might always offer to handle the second professional photographer responsibilities, shooting from alternative angles, getting background shots and duplicating some of the pro's shots, it's all great experience.

If you choose to get major about shooting wedding events the Society of Wedding event and Picture Professional photographers (www.swpp.co.uk) and the Guild of Photographers (www.photoguild.co.uk) have lots of info to offer and it deserves considering signing up with.

These organisations' websites have online forums that are a great method of being familiar with other photographers, including experts who perhaps searching for a second professional photographer for a wedding.

Novice Wedding Photography Mistakes: 02 Poor direct exposure.

The bride's white gown is among the most crucial aspects of lots of weddings and it can be a genuine headache to picture properly.

Every wedding professional photographer's worst problem is overexposing it so that it's become an uniform mass of intense white without any information, however the opposite (underexposure) makes it look grubby and grey.

A little underexposure can be corrected post capture, however it requires to be just a little underexposure to prevent loosing detail in the groom's dark match and bringing out sound in the shadows.

Preferably you wish to utilize an exposure that produces an image that has detail throughout the tonal range.

This is one area where digital cams offer a huge advantage over film electronic cameras, since you can examine the exposure right away after taking a shot and change appropriately.

You can also make use of the cam's auto exposure bracketing facility to take a sequence of images with different exposures in fast succession without sustaining any extra expense.

Trigger your video camera's pie chart view and purpose to produce images that have a peak towards the right end of the scale, but without a big peak at the very end.

As soon as the shot is taken and you can shoot again, it can also be practical to turn on your video camera's emphasize warning so that burned out areas flash at you.

La Saint-Valentin, c’est la fête des romantiques, mais également celle du/des fleuriste apprentissage suisse

Ceux-ci vendent  en une  jоurnée  autant de  flеurѕ  ԛu'en  dіx  jours ordinаires.  Leѕ  roses sоnt  leѕ  plus convoitées.


«Lе  jour dе  la Saint-Valentin, leѕ  hоmmeѕ  poursuіvent  la tradition», explique сe  dernier,  directeur dе  la  Bоurѕe  аux  fleurs dе  Lausannе,  contacté pаr  l'ats. Leѕ  fleurs  les  рluѕ  désirées ce  jour-là рar  les amoureux:  les roses rouges et  blanches. 


Sur le  рlus  grand mаrсhé  de flеurѕ  de  Suisse – 35'000  m2  -,  deѕ  milliers de  fleurs envahissent  chaque jour lе  comptoir dès 5 heures  du  matin. Dаns  la  semaine de  lа  Saint-Valentin,  les commerçantѕ  vendent ԛuelԛue  100'000  roses,  soit 14 fois de  pluѕ  que  d'ordinаire. Lеs  mаgаsins  de fleuristes Lausanne ouverts les  dimancheѕ  et lеѕ  рlus  еn  vuе  tels que fleuriste-lausanne-bouquet.com augmentent leur chiffre d'affaire. 


«La  Saint-Valentin еѕt  aѕѕurémеnt  le  jour où nous  réаlisons  le pluѕ  gros chiffre d'affairеs  de  l'аnnéе»,  сonfirme  Urs Mеіеr,  directeur de  l'Association suisse des flеuristеs  (ASF).  Cеs  dernіers  еnrеgistrеnt  5%  dе  leurѕ  revenus аnnuеls  le 14 février. En  mоyenne,  chaԛue  clіent  dépense quelque  50 francs роur  l'occasion. 


Logistiquе  énorme dе  livraison  dе  flеurѕ,  notamment  à Lauѕanne  

Les  défіѕ  logiѕtiqueѕ  ѕont  énormes.  Il  est armé pour combattre la ruée. Les préparatifs débutent  des mоis  аuраrаvаnt,  lorsԛue  les  grossіstes  précisеnt  le nombre de fleurs dont ils оnt  besoin. «Lеs  rosеs  arrivant  à mаturité  ѕix  à huіt  semaines  après leur plantatіon,  tоut  déреnd  d'unе  рlanification  adéquate.»  


Pоur  garantіr  des  fleurs  lеs  рluѕ  fraîches possible,  le  directeur ne ménаgе  рaѕ  sеs  еfforts.  Et  pour consеrvеr  lеs  roses importées des  Pays-Bas аussі  longtempѕ  quе  faіre  se peut,  еllеѕ  sont livrées dаnѕ  dе  l'eau,  raison pour lаquеllе  le poidѕ  dе  l'еаu  doit  аuѕѕi  êtrе  déclаré  à la douаnе,  notе  Beаt  Thomann. 


Lа  demаnde  eѕt  grandе,  maіs  lеѕ  fleurіstes  empоchent  peu. La  Saіnt-Valеntіn  fait grimрer  lеs  prix  de vente juѕԛu'à  200%:  on  ne реut  tоutefоis  réperсuter  unе  telle hauѕѕe  sur les clients; les gains sоnt  réаliѕéѕ  danѕ  lеѕ  affaires courantes, indiԛue  -t-іl. 


Le  jour dе  la  Saіnt-Valentіn  рour  la  branche  rime аvec  travail еn  continu.  C'est toujours une bonnе  chance  de ѕe  présenter aux clients, eѕtime  Mara  Waters. Lе  reрroche  souvеnt  exprimé ѕelon  lequel  la  Saint-Valentin еѕt  une  invention  des fleuristes est contestable, selon lui. 


Originе  romaine des bouquets de fleurs 


Déjà,  leѕ  Romaіns  célébraient une fêtе  dе  l'amоur  à la  mi-février. Les  sources  avérées des origines  de  la Saint-Valentin  remontent  à lа  fin  du Moyen Age. Deрuis  lе  XVIIIе  siècle, la  сoutume  s'еst  généraliѕée  en Grande-Bretagne, puis en Amérіque  du  Nord. 


Elle  ѕ'еѕt  ensuite  réрandue  en Europe  avec l'arrivée des sоldats  amérіcaіns  à la fin  de la  Sеcondе  Guеrrе  mondialе.  Le jоur  des  amoureux  a été  honoré pour  la  premіère  foіs  en Suіsse  en  1949. 


Selon Mаrа  Waters, la  Saint-Valеntin  a gаgné  en  importanсe  сes  dernières аnnées  рarmi  lеѕ  jеunеs.  Ceux-сi  prеnnеnt  cette fête plus  à coeur: il  s'аgіt  d'un  jour  symbolіque,  explique le dіreсteur  de  l'ASF. 


Cе  n'est pas un  hasard, d'après luі,  si  la  championne  deѕ  vеntеs  аctuelle  est lа  rose  nomméе  «Red Naomi». Cette  flеur  néerlandaise dispose d'un  gros bouton  aveс  de nоmbreux  pétales, d'unе  longuе  tige et  d'une  couleur rоugе  intense.  

Idea to enhance your portraiture photographies with easy and small modifications

Have you ever seen a picture where the subject is lost in the background since everything is in focus? Last year I did a shoot with models versus graffiti-filled walls and kept the background in focus as it provided an added measurement to the shoot.

If you want to draw more interest to your subject and the background is not an included measurement, it can be valuable to blur the background some. If you 'd like to achieve this, you can do it with 2 basic steps: Have your subject take two steps away from the background. This will supply some distance in between your topic and the background and make it easier to blur the background, regardless of the kind of electronic camera you are making use of.

A blurred background comes about by developing a shallow depth of field. If your subject is standing right in from of a background, such as a wall, the depth of field would have to be very shallow to begin to blur it and, in truth, might begin blurring your subject as well. Putting somebody just two steps in front of a background is an easy method to produce some keeping and blurring everything you want to be in focus in focus.

If you are utilizing a DSRL, set your camera to Apeture concern mode and choose a low f-stop, state f/2.8 or less. You ought to start to discover a softening of the background that is now two steps behind your topic (the lower the f-stop, the more blurring that is possible). Have fun with differing f-stops to see which provides the finest result for you. I personally prefer to use either f/1.8 or f/2.8 in these circumstances, as these f-stops offer the most blur without the depth of field becoming too shallow.

Do not have a DSLR? You can still achieve such an impact. Use it in the exact same method as laid out above if you have an Apeture top priority mode on your cam. If you do not, say on a video camera phone or tablet, you can also get some blurring of the background by making sure to concentrate on your topic– the two steps in between your subject and background must be enough to start to develop blur with no additional settings. You may want to attempt placing yourself at different ranges from your subject in this case to see which position gives you the most wanted background blur.

In this modern-day, digital world of photography filled with megapixels and limitless settings, it's commonly easy to forget that sometimes it is as basic as having your topic take just two steps to accomplish a better, more subject-oriented portrait. This one idea can assist to elevate your portraits and draw more interest to your topics and less to their backgrounds.

If you want to draw more attention to your wedding subject photography and the background is not an added measurement, it can be valuable to blur the background some as seen on this site. If your topic is standing right in from of a background, such as a wall, the depth of field would have to be exceptionally shallow to begin to blur it and, in reality, may begin blurring your topic. You must start to observe a softening of the background that is now two steps behind your subject (the lower the f-stop, the more blurring that is possible). If you do not, state on a cam phone or tablet, you can also get some blurring of the background by making sure to focus on your subject– the two steps in between your subject and background must be enough to begin to develop blur without any added settings.

Digital Electronic camera Buying List For Wedding Photography

You are heading on a vacation, your friend's wedding is coming up and you do not have a compact or SLR digital camera. You have actually decided that you are going to purchase one but when you start looking you find that there are hundreds of different types on the marketplace.

Limiting your choice is the first requirements you ought to be focuseding on. Are you going to purchase a compact digital video camera or spending additional to get an expert SLR electronic camera that will produce more expert and vibrant images.

There are a number of points to think about and some homework you should do in order to purchase a video camera that suits you and the functions you are trying to find to shoot any kind of photography.

We have supplied a basic list that will direct you into picking an electronic camera that will work for you.

List Guide

1. Choose the kind of Camera– Compact or Digital SLR Camera

Select the type of camera that you are wanting to purchase. A compact video camera is excellent for snap shots, travel photography everyday photography that is moderate in quality.

2. Ask Others:

Prior to you purchase a camera, speak to friends ask a professional photographer exactly what they are making use of and if they are pleased. Finding information from individuals really utilizing the video cameras is the best method to discover exactly what you are purchasing.

Visit the photography online forums where you can logon and ask any questions and find

3. Select the Video camera Brand

You have picked the type of camera, your next choice is to select a brand of cam. A few of the significant players include Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Minolta which are very respectable companies. I would recommend Nikon or Canon as the very best on the market.

4. Compare Brand Costs

Select the brand, design and type and then discover out the typical price you ought to pay for it. Go to Google, run a keyword check” Nikon D300 Cost in AUD”. This wil bring up many listings which will assist you in the rate you must pay for this particular model and type. E-bay is trusted however due-diligence is suggested when acquiring anything online if purchasing online.

5. Test drive the Cam

Head to a video camera store and test the design you are going to buy. Guarantee you stick with the video camera you have actually thought on to prevent you getting further puzzled with the other models on program. Ask concerns in the store for more evaluations.

6. Guarantee and Return Policy

When purchasing an electronic camera, a service warranty and return policy will be concurred on. Know the guide for your peace and mind.

7. Accessories

Finally, you have purchased your video camera with the standard accessories to get you going. If you are desiring more from your SLR then you can look further by choosing up lenses, external flash systems, battery grips etc, which requires additional research.

Select the type of electronic camera that you are desiring to buy. A compact video camera is excellent for snap shots, travel photography daily photography that is moderate in quality. You have picked the type of camera, your next decision is to choose a brand of video camera. Head to an electronic camera store and test the design you are going to purchase. Ensure you stay with the electronic camera you have thought on to avoid you getting additional confused with the other models on program.


Suggestion For Shooting a Wedding When You’re Not a Wedding event Professional photographer

Faster or later somebody will ask you to catch their weddings if you're a good photographer. While this is a task commonly best delegated pros, you can up your probabilities of success with a little preparation. Here are 25 ways to remain pals if someone asks you “shoot my wedding!”.

DO be clear about what you're providing. “Make certain the couple knows that you're shooting as a favor and that you can't ensure outcomes,” states New york city City-based wedding pro Cappy Hotchkiss. “I have actually seen numerous relationships end over this.” Limit expectations, and “don't get roped into doing a lot of huge family groups. Discuss that you will capture groups as they occur,” adds the photographer. Let the couple know in advance if it's going to take you months to deliver the photos.

Photo: Dennis Kwan/weddings.dkheadshots.com

DO N'T miss colorful background detail. For the Brooklyn, NY, wedding event imagined above Dennis Pike consisted of an ersatz New York City taxi and the Williamsburg Bridge.

DO find out the fundamentals. Check out the sites of wedding event professional photographers and see how they do it. “Attempt assisting a skilled wedding photographer as told on this blog. You will see first hand how it's done, with zero pressure on you,” advises Dennis Pike, the northern New Jersey photographer who shot the couple in the automobile at left. “The more prepared you are, the more positive you will be, and individuals you are photographing will feed off of that.”.

“Do not stroll into a wedding thinking you can go with the flow. Weddings aren't like street photography, where you can walk around taking pictures,” states wedding event pro Jonathan Scott, who has studios in both New York and Florida. Do Web searches for the place to see how other photographers capture the area.

DO ask exactly what the couple wants. Pre-planning consists of discovering what images and which guests are most vital to the couple. “Make sure you get good pictures of the VIPs,” states Pike.

“You require to know what is going to take place and when in order to be in the ideal location at the right time. Be sure you find out, for example, when classic minutes like the very first kiss, first dance, and the cake cutting will happen,” states Dennis Pike.

DO N'T hesitate of high ISOs. It's better to take a sharp, loud image at 1/500 sec and ISO 6,400 than a low-noise image that's fuzzy at 1/30 sec and ISO 400. You can constantly do sound decrease when processing your RAW files.

Instead of asking her topics to move, Hotchkiss moves herself. She likewise states to be aware of the lighting. If, in your viewfinder, the lighting looks severe on your subjects' faces, it might look even harsher in the last image.

DO N'T be shy about directing your topics. They desire to be informed how and where to stand, explains Dennis Kwan, a wedding event and picture expert with studios in New york city City and L.a. When being photographed, providing subjects direction projects a confidence that enables them to unwind. “It tells your subjects that you understand exactly what you're doing, even if possibly you do not,” says Kwan.

DO N'T obsess about sharpness. Todd McGaw demonstrates how soft can be charming in the image below.

DO follow the smiles. The most meaningful individuals will make your finest topics.

DO capture the beauty. If the bride is up for it, orchestrate a fashion shoot.

DO predetermined your camera. Make sure you're recording high-resolution JPEGs, RAW files, or both. Set auto white balance and evaluative metering, and turn on lens stabilization.

Kwan cautions that nonprofessional photographers typically err by not shooting enough. It will make sure you have at least one great shot where everyone is looking at no one and the video camera is blinking,” he says.

DO N'T shoot with unfamiliar gear. “Wedding event moments just happen once, and when they pass, they're gone,” says Pike.

DO get responses. After classic wedding moments like the bride boiling down the aisle or the first kiss, turn your lens on the visitors and capture friends and household.

DO N'T cut corners on batteries or memory cards. The last thing you want, says Pike, “is to find you have area for only 30 more photos on your last memory card with 2 hours left.”.

DO back up thoroughly. A common error amongst nonprofessionals, says Pike, is improperly supporting wedding event files. This consists of immediate Web, hard disk, and DVD backups, however also advising the wedding event couple that they, too, are responsible for supporting digital wedding pictures. As you pull full memory cards from your electronic camera, keep them securely, all in the very same place. “One of the worst things that can happen is losing a memory card,”.

“Make sure the couple understands that you're shooting as a favor and that you cannot guarantee results,” says New York City-based wedding event pro Cappy Hotchkiss. Visit the websites of wedding event photographers and see how they do it. “Try assisting a skilled wedding event professional photographer. Weddings aren't like street photography, where you can walk around taking pictures,” states wedding event pro Jonathan Scott, who has studios in both New York and Florida. “Wedding event moments only happen when, and when they pass, they're gone,” says Pike.